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"Rabies..." single coverAgony Bag released one single during their career which was "Rabies is a Killer" backed with "Never Never Land".
The record was released on 7th March 1980 on the Monza Records Label, catalogue number MON 002.
Due mainly to Clive and Bok's Black Widow connection, this much sought after record is now fetching up to £30.00 in mint condition.
As a footnote, it is interesting to find that this record has been picked up by an Italian band, Death SS, who use "Rabies..." in their live act and have also recorded it on one of their albums.

To hear a sample of "Rabies is a Killer" please right click on the link below and select "Save Target As..." to download the mp3 file.

•)) Download "Rabies is a Killer" mp3 sample.

"Feelmazumba" album cover In 2000 there was a re-awakening of interest in Agony Bag when Clive Jones got in touch with Black Widow Records in Italy, who had named their company after Clive and Bok's original band.
This resulted in the release of an album in mid 2001 called "Feelmazumba", on the Black Widow Records label, catalogue number BWR 049.
The album consisted of the single, material recorded by the original band but never released, and some of Clive's songs which were recorded later by himself, with other musicians.
The album is widely available on CD and also on limited edition vinyl.

"Live..." album coverThere is also a live album, being the only remaining recordings featuring the original Agony Bag line-up at the height of its powers.
It remains as yet unreleased but may possibly see the light of day at some time in the future.
The album features live versions of both sides of the single, songs which are on the Feelmazumba album and others which have never been previously released.
Although never originally intended for release, most of these tracks were recorded direct from the mixing desk and are more than good enough to show the band in its element - live on stage.
To finally complete the Agony Bag recorded catalogue, there are also on the album, some earlier live recordings which are probably best described as "bootleg" quality - but which have been included as they are unavailable elsewhere.
Watch out for it!

Up To Date

After leaving Agony Bag, Clive pursued a successful solo career and also formed a songwriting partnership to provide songs for other artists.
What is more interesting though, is that he has recently been writing and recording new material, with a view to putting together a new version of Agony Bag. Watch this space.
Latest news from Clive at the end of 2005 is that he has recently finished co-writing a rock musical, which is called "Metalheart". For more information, please click on the "Metalheart" website link below
Bok put together a new musical project after the split, but this failed and he now lives in France, where he works as an odd-job man.
Geoff went on to join Diesel Park West, who have had mixed fortunes, with the release of a clutch of albums and singles which have met with varying degrees of success.
Bruce has continued to play with other Leicester bands, including Dirty Duvet and DPM, whilst pursuing a successful business career.

Agony Bag would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Pollard for all his support and efforts on their behalf.


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